Make or Break Time for the GOP

Paul Foster - a 65-year-old house painter in Ellsworth, Maine - is furious at party leaders for refusing to back the president’s claims that the election was stolen with millions of fraudulent votes. “The party is going to be totally broken” if it abandons Trump, Foster says, predicting Trump loyalists will spin off into a new third party.

Marc Cupelo - a retired business consultant in Syracuse, New York - couldn’t feel more differently. A lifelong Republican, he regretted voting for Trump as he watched the president’s backers storm the Capitol last Wednesday, inspired by Trump’s fiery rhetoric and false election-fraud claims. Now he wants the party to banish Trump and carve out a less-divisive future, free of the “twisted values” held by some of his supporters.

“I just wish he would run away with his tail between his legs,” Cupelo says.

Now that’s real leadership. :roll_eyes:


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The war mongers should be purged.

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“The party is going to be totally broken” if it abandons Trump, Foster says, predicting Trump loyalists will spin off into a new third party

I don’t believe Trump actually wants to run again, so don’t think he starts an official new party.

I think he’s just gonna hold the GOP hostage over his base. GOP will try to capitulate to his pseudo-party, but as they have nothing to offer Trump, he’ll be more than happy to keep attacking the GOP and solidifying his donation-base.

GOP is so stupid they won’t be able to see that he’s going to play the same us vs them game he played as prez. If he’s not running, dems aren’t the enemy, the people who didn’t help him overthrow democracy are.


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Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are probably praying for either a secret ballot where they can stab Trump in the back without getting their fingerprints on it, or enough of their Republican colleagues to vote for impeachment so they can pretend to still support him and yet let him go down, while they step up for 2024.


Then it is a good thing that Trump lost.

For four months in 2017, an American-led coalition in Syria dropped some ten thousand bombs on Raqqa, the densely populated capital of the Islamic State. Nearly eighty per cent of the city, which has a population of three hundred thousand, was destroyed. I visited shortly after ISIS relinquished control, and found the scale of the devastation difficult to comprehend: the skeletal silhouettes of collapsed apartment buildings, the charred schools, the gaping craters. Clotheslines were webbed between stray standing pillars, evidence that survivors were somehow living among the ruins. Nobody knows how many thousands of residents died, or how many are now homeless or confined to a wheelchair.

A third party is likely to emerge with or without Trump, Sidney Powell, Gen Flynn are already moving to make a super Pac. Republicans are in a tight spot since very few of their supporters believe them or trust them and they are in no position to affect an outcome in anything.

We can only pray.


Saw this rumor on twitter, so maybe it’s nothing. Trump’s new party would be called the National Conservative Party. I don’t get it, sounds too generic.

Then we’ll have a donkey, an elephant and a kraken as party symbols?


But it sounds like they want to remain a lot more low key. Maybe they want to confuse voters so they conflate the GOP party with the Nat-C party at the ballot box?