Make this the most offensive Halloween ever

Living in Taiwan for so long, I sometimes lose touch with the social justice shenanigans going on in the west. For example, I didn’t realize that Halloween had become so politicized. Apparently, a lot of sensitive snowflakes get all offended by Halloween costumes, especially if they’re sexy. This Youtube video sums up the situation nicely:

My niece, who is a college student, just emailed me a photo of herself dressed in a sexy Halloween costume. Not only her, but her female friends, plus a couple of guys dressed up as girls (mini-skirts, wigs, falsies - they look like drag queens). I won’t repost the photo without her permission. Anyway, I think she and her classmates deserve a thumbs-up for helping to make this the most offensive Halloween ever. I just hope she doesn’t get assaulted by social justice warriors for the great sin of not being politically correct.

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Wow, no replies. I am shocked. I’m not even sure of the rules nowadays. For instance: No cultural appropriation!
You can’t dress up as an Asian character even if you admire him or her? Really, I was a fan of Charlie Chan. Even the Western actors were well received in China and Charlie Chan himself attended the filmings cracking up and laughing at his portrayal.
I really want to show my old friends back home the Taiwanese who dress up as American Cowboys or other American stereotypes. I want to show them the Western people who appeared on TV dressed as Chinese gods here. I want to show the people back home the stickers used to depict regional people here in the tourist literature. Ultra stereotype.
I think the west has gone totally bonkers.

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It’s not the west it’s N Amrica

This whole “cultural appropriation” thing is blown out of proportion.

Real cultural appropriation is a form of fraud, such as setting up a business that claims to be Native American healing practices, but is just a bunch of made-up BS with native-sounding names attached to them.

But throwing a Mexican or Hawaiian themed party is not cultural appropriation. Dressing up in Tyrolean costume for Halloween is not cultural appropriation. Wearing dreadlocks if you’re white is not cultural appropriation. I’ve heard some people even claim that eating the food or learning the language of another culture is cultural appropriation. It is not. Some of these anti-cultural-appropriation sentiments sound pretty much like segregation to me.

Cultures have emulated (different from stealing!! - if I steal from you, you no longer have it!) elements of other cultures since time immemorial. There is nothing wrong with that, unless real harm is being done (like in capitalizing off a business making deceptive claims about its practices).

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