Make Up Days for Holiday Days Off

I’m surprised there is no dedicated topic for this.

My calendar says today Saturday is a make up day for Lunar New Year holiday which means some people are working who would not normally be working?


What, you thought it was National Mascara Day?

Yeah, working today…

Make up days for “holidays” should be under Wack Things in Taiwan. Even more Wack is how locals believe they are getting a holiday instead of different days off.


In the same bag of Stupid as counting weekends as holidays :roll:


I know of at least one office that makes, I mean lets :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, their employees use a day of annual leave for make-up days so no one has to go into the office on Saturday…


Yeah, my last company we HAD TO use up a couple of Personal Leave days to avoid a Makeup Saturday, and weren’t allowed to choose the option of coming in if we didn’t want to blow off a couple vaccie days.

Which seems basically illegal to me, I mean it pretty much defeats the whole point of vacation days


Yup… and yet, their office seems all brainwashed into believing this is a wonderful thing, because nobody has to (read: is allowed to) work on Saturday.
My husband’s co-workers probably like the makeup days though, because half of them are in the office on Saturdays anyway, for unpaid OT (also illegal).
Labour laws here still have a long ways to go…

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Also, most local people rarely use all their leave days anyways

ETA: sorry, this doesn’t really make sense:

Sorry I wasn’t clear!
His co-workers usually go in on Saturdays to “finish their work” which is actually unpaid overtime, which is illegal, no? (So they probably like makeup Saturdays because they’re actually getting paid for it)

“Also illegal” in reference to the forced use of annual leave, which as you said is probably also illegal.

“Labour laws” because… in Canada, this wouldn’t fly. It’s so easy to report this kind of nonsense there, but here… nobody would even think to report these kinds of violations, they just think “It’s just the way it is.”

Shame that people don’t use their vacation days. Rested people are more productive, after all!

Sure, my point was, if what they’re doin is illegal, then it isn’t really the fault of the “labour laws”, innit?? The laws are fine, it’s what folks do (or don’t do) about them that’s at fault.

There has been much discussion before on the whole shitty streak of “Bully your way to Success” that runs through the heart of Confucian tradition. And so many bosses/corporate cultures here are manifestations of that.

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True! More the /enforcement/ and reporting of said laws that has a ways to go…

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Yep, went to work today though we had the option of WFH.

This is very new to me and it does feel weird that I don’t have the option of having the shorter holiday and a non-working Saturday. :thinking:

I cannot express how much make up days suck. I find the concept abhorrent.



My place is like that .

Can’t you guys land a normal teaching gig?

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Welcome to Taiwan :sunglasses:

My new employer, bless-em, has a zero tolerance policy for makeup days. Simply doesn’t do them.


My flatmate had to work on Saturday. I remember the last time she worked a makeup day she caught a cold. It’s easy to get run down after working 6 days in a row.

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But does he give the day off anyway?