Making an interactive map with Taiwan's historical placenames?

I was reading about how the real name for Tianxiang (天祥) in Taroku should be Tpdu, which is an Truku word for Formosan Palm. The Sakuma Yama (佐久間山), named after the Japanese prefect who invaded Truku territories, was originally named Dgiyaq waqa.

It got me thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have an interactive map to show Taiwan’s place names throughout its history. We can have Aboriginal names through Dutch/Spanish names to Chinese and Japanese names, plus a couple of English names.

A good source for Aboriginal place names: … 33C6861689

Not sure how we can go about doing this, or if anyone else would be interested…

Google map’s javascript API is probably the place to start: … t/tutorial

Interesting, but there would be no practical use for this kind of map, or would there be? Names with a lack of vowels make me a bit uncomfortable to be honest… :slight_smile:

then you are going to love this Taigi place name: hm̂-tsng (茅庄)