Making Free Calls over the Internet

Hi folks:

I have been using free Paltalk for a while, but recently
the quality has been unacceptable, so I wonder
if you guys know of any good program to make
calls over the Internet (PC-to-PC) for free :laughing:


Don’t know if any of it is free anymore, but it’s really cheap.

Have also used for calling the US.


Actually, over the years I learned that it’s not the software that makes a good talk over the Internet. Not at all. There are so many SW out there for you to use, all for free, all attached inside your instant messanger (such as part of Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ’s, AIM, etc.)

It’s the broadband infrastructure that makes it!! This means if the Taiwanese are doing a good job with the under seas ADSL cables, hey, we’ll get a good connection. So so far they did some good job in some countries, such as Taiwan-US and Taiwan-UK and poor with Taiwan-Japan, for example. Just keep trying, it is getting better all the time, b/c the quality of Internet is improving - Taiwan does invest a lot of money there. I am making many calls to the US - for example - using the i-phone that embed into ICQ, and it’s GREAT! They don’t even know I am using the Internet to call them. Hey, they don’t even know I am in Taiwan at that moment!

Hey, now that I think about it, I was just talking on Yahoo Messenger with someone in California a few months ago… she had a webcam and mic and I had just a mic. I’m so busy just getting stuff done that I don’t often have time to keep up with all the latest gadgets. Pretty cool, and FREE!