Making Friends in Taipei


I know there’s a bunch of these threads but I’m going to be selfish and make a new one :sunglasses: . I just moved to Taipei a few weeks ago and teach English in Jingmei. I’m a 25year male Asian American (Vietnamese and French decent) who wants to know who wants to be friends and hangout.

It would be great if we could create a group or network of English teacher and others who just want to meet new people, be friends, and have some good times when we are not working. I’m interested in making friends with guys or girls and anyone with an open mind. Taiwan to me is my chance to explore and learn as much as I can before I go back to America in a few years. I want to make the most of my time and meet new people from all over the world.

If you feel like me and live in Taipei, please feel free to reply.

Come join the darts tournament at On Tap (Google it). It is scheduled to start soon. Some people there are teachers, some are not, but it’s good fun and nice people from all over. I’ll be there with my “Team Italia”. :slight_smile:


hi there~i’m 22 and i live in taipei too
always open to new friends:)

[quote=“jeanne1029”]hi there~I’m 22 and i live in taipei too
always open to new friends:)[/quote]

Hobbies? Preferences? Interests? :slight_smile:

Cool. I’m Chinese/French/Vietnamese myself (an ignorant American). Glad someone else shares similar bloodline :slight_smile:


I’ve lived here almost 2 years, don’t really know anyone outside of my work and have no idea how to go about meeting new friends. :frowning: I guess its a question of time as well. (of which I don’t have much). I live in xindian area and go to gongguan to lift weights and sometimes jog at the university track. If anyone’s interested you can drop me message.

yes, let’s all meet up somewhere in taipei or something. i dont have any friends here either…

hi there 20 years old from the Netherlands,

i’m Taiwanese/Msia and i’m pretty bored sometimes here when i’m done with my internship
anyone who wants to hang out?

Hi guys, I live in Taipei, would like to meet some friends , I am new to here , inbox me! :slight_smile:

Friends? You actually mean ‘hang-out buddies’?

Friends? You actually mean ‘hang-out buddies’?

I am female, 31, happy to know some hang-out buddies. Please PM me.

Hey everyone!

I just arrived Taipei yesterday. I’m 28 and from all over America: Oklahoma, California, and New York. I spent most of my years in Oklahoma though. After college in Boston, I worked in LA for a while as an audio technician, engineer and producer. Then took up a position in Mainland China at a studio as their chief audio engineer. I spent the past 6 months in Hong Kong, and now I’m moved my base to Taipei. I try avoiding music outside of work unless it’s in a chill environment.

I’m picky about coffee and food. I like walking around a new city and discovering hole-in-the-wall places. I discovered the uBike and love it! I know a bit of Canto, but I’m much better with Mando. I would definitely like to improve on both of them though! :wink:

I don’t want to turn this into an essay… so hit me up if you wanna grab a coffee and chat or go see the city!


Err… Your Cantonese is not going to improve at all in Taiwan. I’ve met a total of I think three people who speak it in my six years here. And one of them is a white guy who lived in Hong Kong for a while.

But welcome to Taiwan!

Then looks like I’ll put my focus towards Mando and Taiwanese :wink:

Hello, i’m 24. Nice to meet u! i’m Taiwanese. how could i make contact with you?

Same sentiments :frowning:

Lots of posts. Anyone actually meet up?