Making non-dairy yogurt


I recently got a pressure cooker I can apparently make yogurt with, but I want to make non-dairy yogurt specifically because of allergies. From what I vaguely understand I need either some kind of starter culture or maybe some kind of vegan yogurt to use as the same. Does anyone know of any brands or anything else I could use to make what is essentially vegan yogurt?


Isn’t yogurt made from milk by definition?


Actually, I think I’ve seen soy yogurt before. You would essentially have to ferment soy milk for that, but in my experience that turns into some pretty nasty smelling solid…


Once you find your culture, you will notice legume/bean/nut yogurts to be runnier than dairy. You may want to add agar or gelatin to help them more resemble greek yogurt.
I don’t think that you have to buy a starter other than an active yogurt from the grocery store.


I think soy ‘yoghurt’ isn’t actually yoghurt - it’s just thickened to look like it.

Yoghurt by definition involves lactic cultures. OP, are you specifically, definitely allergic to yoghurt? People with dairy allergies sometimes are not.


Yes it is.

@moonbase_starbucks, the problem is not the starter or the bacteria culture, but the substance you want to ferment.

What do you want to ferment? soy milk?


I used to make almond milk yogurt. Aside from being runny, the cultures and flavor were like regular yogurt


I guess that the richer in sugars the better. What crappy vegetarian milk looking milk scam has the most sugar on it?




I don’t know that I’m allergic to dairy, but since I suffer from a whole host of allergies it’s a potential culprit. Since I can now make yogurt with t his pressure cooker I got, I figured I might as well have a go at making yogurt I can eat and avoid dairy for at least a couple of weeks. And I really like yogurt.

I read somewhere in order to make non-dairy yogurt you can use soy milk, as long as it’s just soy and water and nothing else. Which brands are good for that?