Making out in Chinese

Hi all,

I recently bought a COOL book in Caves Book store, Kaohsiung.

Daniels, Ray. Making out in Chinese. 1993, Yenbooks, Tokyo.

‘From lovers language to fighting words - all you need to speak like a native’

This book will teach you all the stuff other books (or co-teachers) won’t. It’s great!

I bought that book years ago. It is a lot of fun to go over with a language exchange partner. :slight_smile:

I didn’t like the way the Romanized the words though. I will get into trouble for saying this, but I wish it had been romanized with Hanyu Pinyin.

Another goodie (I think it’s better and it DOES use pinyin) is ‘Outrageous Chinese’.

Maybe you can get it at Caves. I got it in Hong Kong. Learn how to say in Chinese useful phrases like ‘you are so hard you almost pierced me’ and ‘were you counting how many thrusts I made?’


This book was revised in 2003 and is well worth getting :slight_smile:

I got my copy at Eslite, It’s small, and cheap at only 240nt.

Sadly, I don’t think it included the phrases Bu Lai En mentioned, but I now know how to ask a girl if she’s on the rag. :bravo:

I’d be interested to look at an older edition.

I discovered the new edition last week in Eslite (Zhongxiao-Dunhua store).

It has got Chinese characters (simplified though), and decent Hanyu Pinyin (besides & next to that it still uses what I call ‘Moron Pinyin’). The original version, which I have, doesn’t have these things.

I didn’t check if this version is ‘cut’ (i.e. has some vocab removed which was considered too coarse or something).

Anyway it’s worth getting this updated version.

I love this book! (Making Out in Chinese)
The phrases have made my honey bust out with peals of laughter. I can’t get him to tell me if it’s because I am saying it right or saying it almost right. :wink:

What does that supposed to mean?Seriously, when it comes to language exchange, does it has to be occur between oppsite sex? Because recently I’ve had this LE experience with a canadian(male), he tutor me Latin Spanish and I tutor him Chinese, the session was great, but it didnt last long, I assume that is because I’m not a gorgeous Taiwanese girl, hahah, am I right??