Making those tasty boiled egg things

Does anyone know what ingredients goes in to the water to make those boiled egg things you can usually get at places like the 7/11. Want to be able to make them at home. (:

Tea bags.

Thats it?! So simple!

Any particular type?

Five spice powder.

Look, the first thing i said here was “rat urine”, because I don’t really like those egg things, the smell of a taiwan convenience store is a bad memory, and I am sure that there IS a reasonable amount of rat urine and cockroach crap in there. But that’s being uncharitable, and i had no idea people actually LIKED them.

I shall withdraw the comment and say: “Who knows? and good luck with that!”.

It’s mostly a large amount of tea to make a very concentrated brew, then the eggs simmer for a long time in it (no idea how long). If you grow a huge amount amount of thyme in your garden and make a concentrated brew from it, that makes incredible flavored eggs too.

someone told me you could buy these bags of who knows whats in there just for making those tea eggs the Seven (7/11 is known as Seven on the wan) has.

Im not a huge fan of buying bags of mystery ingredients (: Looks like ill be experimenting with combinations of Tea, 5 spices, and other things if I get around to growing it (:


I don’t think it’s just tea. You can buy a box of 茶蛋 spices in any supermarket - it’ll be near the flour and stuff like that. It comes in a sort of fat teabag and you just poach everything in a rice cooker, although I must say I’ve never tried them. I’ve only bought the 滷味 ones (on the same shelf) which are nice. You might even see them in some of the bigger convenience stores. Don’t worry, it’s not mystery ingredients (it’s all listed on the side of the box, as usual).