Malaysia train to Thailand?


We fly into Singapore then will make way up to Khao sok park. We were thinking of doing the train as we never have before there. Anyone done the eastern line, jungle line? Wondering about safety and all that for a white and Taiwanese traveller.

Destination will be Surat thani and onto the park.

Welcome any tips, advice etc or different routes. We won’t do bus (car sickness issues).


You’ll be fine! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Sounds like an interesting trip. I’m sure you’ve figured out the amount of time it will take for the journey. There is no train between the Malaysian and Thailand stations - you will need to take a bus. If I remember, it is about 25 km.

The train starts at the Woodlands station in Singapore at the northern part of the island. The closest MRT station is almost 2 km from the KTM station.


Great. Ya I have been to there many times. But never by train and never crossed that border crossing, but online they keep mentioning security. I’m not worried but curious as it’s mentioned more than once. I’m used to Malaysia in general though, so get the northern Islam Muslim vibe and can respect that. Just the border thing had me wondering. The train trip seems quite nice. You guys ever done it?


I have done the Thailand over night train up to hills.of Chiang Mai and it was very cool. It was a long time ago.


Took KTM to Kota Bahru many years ago. Interesting and long trip. No problems. Did not cross the border into Thailand on the east coast.


Take the train from Singapore through Malaysia all the way to Butterworth. At Butterworth, take the commuter train to Padang Besar, at the Malay/Thai border. You go through immigration and customs at the train station in Padang Besar, then you can buy a train ticket at the office to your destination in Thailand.

I did Butterworth to Bangkok a year and a half ago. It’s pretty straightforward, but be mindful of train departure times.

If you have time, do spend a few days in Penang (a brief ferry ride from Butterworth). George Town is a fantastic city.


Singapore to Penang misses all the beauty of Malaysia’s east coast though, that was kind of my interest. West side have been many times and not my cup of tea. Aside from the unknown safety aspect I was thinking train up to north east malaysia then cross over to Penang and up into Thailand that route. Or is that a dumb idea?

My goal is nature, not culture. I’ve seen most of malaysia already, and going up the east did once by bus but puked the entire journey so can’t say I saw much.


How do you plan on getting to Penang from Kota Bahru? It’s about 350 km and while it is a beautiful drive, it is also partially on hilly winding roads. I remember the drive taking much longer than I expected.


I’ve done that area by car a while ago. Malaysia I find incredibly easy to navigate, so long as you’re used to wet its fine. We actually ended up in Borneo instead, but still really want to do this train trip. Probably this Chinese new year


The daily train from Butterworth (Penang) to Bangkok certainly does cross the border. There’s no direct train from KL, though.