Male breasts

I honestly don’t get how I got em…swim three times a week, ride my bike almost everyday, hike on Sundays…

They are pretty much muscle but still look like bitch tits. What’s a guy to do?

Well Bob, I’ll be f***ed if I know. I hate my man tittites too.

I have one class of teenage girls, who I have to be careful how I dress otherwise they laugh at my mammalian protuberances. I’m a sensitive soul y’know.

So, what do we do? I swim once a week and do a work out at home, but the buggers won’t disappear.

Just like girls eh, we’re never happy with what God gave us…

What body fat % do you guys have? How old are you?

Old* age + fat = man boobs.

*This does happen in young children as well. … ntits.html
While this link may not be helpful, you can look and go “thank god mine aren’t that bad” … lery.shtml
This one might be helpful. They have a lot of ideas. … -tits.html


74 kg

5ft 11

Body fat%…no idea but I’m no porker.

saf, cheers, that second link makes me feel a whole lot better. Mine ain’t that bad afterall. Bob, is that you at the bottom of the page? Hope not.

L :smiley:

They are a bodybuilders nightmare, as well as for those that are ageing.
What happens is that your testosterone levels fall, and the proportion of estrogen to test, rise, or Estrogen levels rise.-yes you are becoming more feminine.Fat distribution in the body also changes-more to hips and bum.
It is Mother natures way of bringing the sexes together.
Men have been known to start lactating(milking/oozing)
Estrogen loves the breast(in male and female)-there are many estrogen receptors in the breast.
To treat, use:
Clomiphene Citrate(brand name Clomiphene,manufacturer:Yun Shin
Tamoxifen(Taxifen brand name, Yun Shin man)
Both are very weak estrogens which attach to the Estrogen receptor sites, preventing body Estrogen from attaching
Both are cheap, local man, OTC.
Tamoxifan is stronger, and preferable.
Do a simple search for dosing etc.
This is for male usage, totally different usage for females.
Also, do some pec(chest)exercises to firm(preferably some squeezing)
Good luck

Holy hairy hell dudes I’m not that bad! Basically they just look tittish if I’m wearing a tight T- shirt. I had quite a bit of success with my diet a while back and they pretty much disappeared so that makes me think they must be a bit fat, although they feel like solid muscle. Also there doesn’t seem to be as much muscle closer to the shoulder so that makes them look like tits. I kind of doubt there is any hormonal imbalance although I wouldn’t rule it it out completely either. Lately I have been disciplined as a monk but in my earlier days I was not so careful. I seem to be reasonable active sexually for a man my age so that leads me to believe there is no problem there.


Age - 46

Weight - 165lbs

Height - 5’8"

Penis size - Varies wildly according to circumstance and mood

Get your hormone levels checked-testosterone and estrogen.
Your age does seem to suggest hormones, especially if you are not accumulating fat in the prime areas(stomach,sides,face,neck,arms-tits s/be the last place to accumulate.) and you are exercising.
Take a look around to most 50 + men and you will see the same. So easy to avoid.
Trust me

Bob you up for a show ‘n’ tell? I’ll post a photo too!

Or is that too gross?

L :smiley:

[quote=“Limey”]Bob you up for a show ‘n’ tell? I’ll post a photo too!

Or is that too gross?

L :smiley:[/quote]

Check the last pic on this page:

Poor Bob.

My personal favourite is Biff, I wish I had tits like that!

“His name was Robert Paulson.
His name was Robert Paulson.
His name was Robert Paulson.”

[quote=“Limey”]Bob you up for a show ‘n’ tell? I’ll post a photo too!

Or is that too gross? L :smiley:[/quote]

I’d post pics in half a second if I had a digital camera. Just to dispell the nasty rumors like. Miltown is coming over some time in the next couple of weeks. Maybe he’s got a camera…

Bob, I have to admit that my tits are the most annoying part of my body. It doesn’t matter what I do - diet or exercise they just won’t go. I can fully understand why some men would want to deal with them surgically.

Thankfully I’m no where near as bad as Bob or Biff, I guess at the end of the the day it all comes down to vanity…

Are you vain?


You did not read my post above on solutions to Bitch Tits.
It is hormonal, a function of ageing.
No amount of exercise will change the tit-fat build up.
Use Nolvadex/Tamoxifan

You could even get breast cancer :smiling_imp: …serious :s

Bigmoose, Would you have to take them all the time, or could you just use them for a while until the err… swelling reduces?



All the time(1 a day, 20 mg,no big deal) after the initial loading phase. Cheap, easy,effective.
You must accept that your bodies hormone balance has changed, and if you stop, it will revert to what it was before…(ie the Tits)
The same can be said for hair-loss, HRT etc etc.
Mother nature intended that verile males turn to fat,useless oxen.
Decide which way you want to go, and decide now.

If I had titties like that I’d never leave the house!

Seriously, genetics plays a big part in it too.

I’ve heard stuff about women’s boobs growing bigger when they get to Taiwan because of all the oestrogen in the soya products here. Maybe this is a factor?

[quote=“bigmoose”]You did not read my post above on solutions to Bitch Tits.
It is hormonal, a function of ageing.
No amount of exercise will change the tit-fat build up.
Use Nolvadex/Tamoxifan[/quote]

I suspect the risk of vaginal bleeding and irregular menstruation are markedly reduced in men. Also, see the warning section in bold.

[quote]Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) Brand Side Effects:
Nolvadex side effects that may go away during treatment, include hot flashes, vaginal discharge, irregular or lighter menstrual cycles, weight loss, or diarrhea. If Nolvadex side effects continue or are bothersome, check with your doctor. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you experience Nolvadex side effects like vaginal bleeding, unexplained sore throat or fever, or unusual bleeding or bruising. WARNING:Nolvadex side effects rarely may cause serious (possibly fatal) side effects. Nolvadex side effects include cancer of the uterus (endometrial cancer and uterine sarcoma), as well as strokes and blood clots in the lung (pulmonary emboli). Tell your doctor immediately if you develop Nolvadex side effects like: abnormal vaginal bleeding, irregular or abnormal menstrual periods, groin pain or pressure, chest pain, trouble breathing, one-sided weakness. If you are taking this medicine for prevention of breast cancer (those with ductal carcinoma in situ-DCIS, or those at high risk for breast cancer) you should discuss with your doctor the risks of treatment as compared to the benefits. However, if you are taking tamoxifen for treatment of breast cancer, the proven benefits clearly are greater than the risk of Nolvadex side effects. [/quote]