Male Foreign Salespersons/Models in Cosmetics Stores

Has anyone noticed a recent influx, like in the last year or so, of foreign men working in cosmetics, perfume, etc. type stores on streets, malls, night markets, all over Taiwan, trying to get people’s attention to make a sale?

I’m kind of curious how they ended up in that position. Were they hired from another country? Did they already live in Taiwan and have a work permit? Are they working in addition to some other activity in Taiwan? Is there some type of work visa specifically for that type of position?

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You could ask them directly, and with permission, post the answers in this thread.

I imagine a lot of these are illegal work, or they have a work ARC and took on side jobs (also illegal).

looking for a career change?

Are any of them good looking and hairy ? Asking for Icon a friend ?


My son, 19 yrs old, does this for part-time work

i’ve noticed it. i thought taiwan was above such white monkeyage. its better than the beg packers though. i saw one of those yesterday in ximending. disgusting unwashed looking thing it was.

It tends to pay well, at least fro high-end brands. My son makes 4-6K/ day and it gives him the freedom to go to casting calls


I am going to go out on a limb and say that there is NO WAY they will sponsor you for an ARC for this kind of work, at least unless you are doing it for them full time. A lot of these work seems very part time. I think there are minimum salary for an ARC so no part time gigs. Like I said a lot of those part time gigs you see either they’re doing it illegally or they have an APRC that allows open work rights.

And it only works if you’re one of those “good looking” white monkey types.

Finding kindy teaching unfulfilling?

You mean model type.

People don’t pay good money for people who look like monkeys, except at Barnum and Bailey’s.

I wonder if this actually works better. The foreign salespeople are definitely more aggressive than local salespeople, and more visible. But it seems like that kind of walkby advertising just isn’t very effective in general. Or are they only targeting dingbats?

Loads of them are Israelis I heard.

I’ve met 2, one male and one female, both Israelis. One was pushing skin products from Dead Sea salt or Dead Sea sea salt or dead salt from the sea or sea salt that brings your skin back from the dead or something that is basically just another skin lotion.

Those guys got me to spend 300 bucks on stuff I didn’t need when I was 18 and didn’t know how to say no
At least the acne soap seemed to work

There must be enough students to fill the positions legally.

I find people greatly underestimate the foreign children quantity. Lots of kids now raised in taiwan from a mixed marriage, 30 and under. Quite common, and will become increasingly more common sight. Perhaps its these guys that are doing it?

Though it wouldnt be shocking if it were english teacher side jobs. But it seems more logical based on age and assumed fluent chinese language skills, that they are born and raised here “foreigners” (aka locals without rights).


So what happened 20-30 years ago to make more local foreign babies coming of age now?

That’s about the time that most foreigners and expat companies were leaving.

Are they hot?

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Dont quote me on numbers but it seems taiwan opened a lot in the between 30 to 40 year ago range for tourist style folk to come and seek work. Meaning not just military and business people. That was seemingly the turning point where more regular type people started coming. Some naturally found a partner and had kids. That trend has increased since. So its my guess its these kids that are likely filling the shoping mall white guy roles as they are probably young and i assume speak good mandarin. Both of which are not likely with purely foreign (overseas) type white workers.

Just a guess. But the mixed baby thing with western race matches that timeline perfectly.