Malibu West and Meat Pies

Malibu West - the one in the combat zone. They offer a pie, chips and two eggs :astonished: Refused the eggs but enjoyed the somewhat smaller than usual pie immensely. It was the real deal and apparently made by the mystery Aussie Taichung pie man.

Gotta track that sucker down.

Still, I always feel like I should be carrying my passport when I go the the zone. Much prefer it if someone got them together in ‘real’ Taipei. Max?

So . . . Oi! You slack bastards in Taichung, surely you know the score?


God, please move this pie shop closer to where I live.

Zee pies can be found at Malibu West in the combat zone. Tad small but a true aussie style meat pie nonetheless,

No 9, Lane 25 Shuangcheng St. Behind the Imperial Hotel.

[quote]Malibu West is in the area known as the Zone and is just off Zhongshan North Rd. and near the Minquan MRT station.

Come off the Sun Yat-sen Freeway at the Taipei Exit and head south until the first major intersection (Minzu Rd.).

Turn left onto Minzu East Rd.
Go straight until you pass under the MRT line.
After the MRT line, turn right onto Zhongshan North Rd.
Take the second left onto Shuangcheng St., go across the small intersection and Malibu West is just on your left. [/quote]


I had a really good burger there last weekend. Don’t remember the name of it but it was one of the best - maybe even better than Q-Bar’s!

I went in for the Club House sandwich with my girlfriend the other night.

GREAT Sandwich!!

BIG Sandwich with generous amounts of bacon and Turkey.

As well, good, friendly service (Thanks, William!).

Finally, after years of talking, and to be fair nagging from my part, Malibu West has added steak and kidney pie on its menu.

We, being regular English customers, taste tested the pie to get it right. No mushrooms, no carrots just a rich taste!

This, simply, is the best pie in Taiwan, homemade, rich thick gravy, chunky beef and pastry, large and great value.

I used to travel miles to Carnegies to eat a far lesser product.

320 NT plus salad or soup I believe

Barack Obama posted in this thread in 2003?

Lo and behold because of the tremendous success of the formentioned Steak and Kidney Pie at Malibu West. The locals demanded a Chicken and Mushroom Pie.
Again home made test tasted by numerous Brits.
It’s bostin!!
This pub is on the side road North of The Imperial Hotel, Linsen North Road Sec.3

Malibu West is certainly not a bad place to drop in for a bite to eat and a couple of beers!

I do miss the club sandwich mentioned earlier in this thread. I think they stopped serving that the last year or so. Burgers are always great though.

I’ll drop by and try the pies in the near future for sure!!

OK, I have mentioned this before, and the owners of this place have never asked me to advertise the fact.
I rate the pies at Malibu West No. 1
Carnegies 2