Mambo 4.5.2

How do I install Chinese Traditional on this?

I downloaded the appropriate files, but I can’t upload the language files. I keep getting the files rejected.

I want to have an English Admin, but with Chinese external site. This hsould be possible right?


I haven’t installed Mambo on my test server yet, but did you check to see if this option is client-specific (meaning it’s dependent on the viewer’s OS?)

The other thing is Mambo doesn’t seem to support Trad Chinese Big-5. I think there are some guys doing a big hack on it. Check out Taiwan Mambo. Contact Eddie/Eddy Chang.

EDIT: Check out this Trad Chinese Mambo Project

Ok. Can I install English language within a chinese environment?

I wonder if that would work…

Or can anyone recommend a CMS with Trad. Chinese support and widely available.


Mambo help for language

Mambo forums

When you say you keep upload the files and they’re getting rejected, do you mean you’re uploading them via the Mambo upload manager thing (assuming it has one).

Try uploading via FTP.