Man AND beast smoke?

A tortoise that smokes and appears to be addicted to nicotine has been discovered in China’s north-eastern province of Jilin.

The animal is the pet of a man, identified by his surname Yun, who is a smoker, according to Xinhua news agency, quoting a local newspaper.

One day, Yun teased the tortoise by putting a cigarette butt into its mouth, and to his surprise it started to smoke it, according to the news agency.

From then on, he shared his cigarettes with his pet, the agency said.

“It seems to have become addicted,” Yun was quoted as saying.

“When I smoke in front of it, it will stick its head out of the water and fidget until I give it the stub.”

Yun proved his claim by putting a cigarette in the tortoise’s mouth.

To the surprise of spectators, the tortoise finished it in less than four minutes. - Sapa-AFP

I’ve heard about dolphins getting high behind the band shed.
And huge whalers up in them thar hills,
ans even a few Snapping Turks now and again.
But never a smoking tortoise.
What’s his favorite brand?
Long Life/Gentle?