Man I need a gf


Please ignore this thread in the morning but man I need a gf


Why don’t you get one?


were it so easy


Use an app if you’re not good at approaching girls.


I have tried but they never reply to me


What are you saying to them?

Ask if they want to try your fish and chips


You and mad Masala can go cry in your beer together. Maybe you’ll find just the right bar and both of your troubles will be over.


They can go fishing and drink beer while beer battering their fish


Use @Andrew0409 as your body double/profile pic.
That might help.


You typed this 5 in the morning. That’s one long night of regret.

Are you an average looking white guy with zero game under the age of 40? Then it’s literally the easiest thing in the world. Join up with some language exchange group, or join a dating app, or go to some clubs and capitalize on some of that “white privilege” that everyone bashes here, but everyone still uses to their full advantage. If you can’t get a girlfriend here, then you’re either not looking in the right places or you’re doing something very, very wrong.




At first reading I thought you mentioned that you “need a gif”, do I was going to suggest to look for one at
But since your problem is a different one, I don’t think a gif will help much…


Nonsense. A good gif always helps cheer me up.


Perhaps it helps to know what kind of girl you like. Not every guy goes to the bar and club to find a girl, some probably would like the girls there.

Dating apps are a easy way to scroll through hundreds of people quickly without having to spend a lot of time. Perhaps you’re not putting the right pictures and writing the right information.


It’s easy to say stuff when you are 190+ with toned muscle from the gym.
Imagine a Simon Pegg-ish white dude with beer belly and lazy eyes.
He would give his left nut to get a girl to reply to him.



Get some sun and exercise while growing a beard.
Get laid
Go back to slothhood
Repeat as required


Co-starring a movie or two with Tom Cruise would help your portfolio, I guess.


Simon Pegg probably gets laid like a mad man. And maybe he’s “ugly” by Hollywood standards but he’s above average for normal people.

Anyway, looks matter to an extent, but it’s 70% confidence and personality.


Stop using corny pick up lines, and be taller.
Tell 'em you’re rich . . . and not married . . . and tall.


If any woman says something about your height, make a comment about their weight. Fair play.