Man I need a gf


But don’t do it if they say something nice about your height.
Keep saying, “That’s interesting . . . tell me more.” Girls like to talk.
But don’t say this if they say something bad about you.
Try to find a wingman who looks like you, but is significantly less attractive than you. This will make you look better.


No one ever says good things about someone’s height. “Wow, how is it to be over 180 cms? Is it as awesome as they say?” “your height makes me wet,” “watch out for that low hanging rafter, you sexy tall person.” That sounds weird.

Either they’ll say something nasty about not dating guys under 180 or 175 cms, or they won’t mention it at all.


Hahahaha! You must be one of those Short people!
THAT’S why you never hear good things about your height.


I’m 181 cms. But the height thing is very hypocritical.


People who SAY they’re 181 are usually 179.


lol ok


It’s not your fault. You’ve probably been measuring yourself with your shoes on.


Seems you know all the tricks. Now I’m staring to think you’re the short one.


My Chinese name is Mr. Tall.
Everybody looks up to me.


I think OP checked out a long time ago


hey thats what I do. . want to be my wingman?? :stuck_out_tongue:


YOu can check out anytime you like but…you can never …leave.


I like dating short girls, because to them…im TALL. And apparently girls in general like TALL guys for some reason. I dont get it.

Is it because TALL people can see the food coming?


Simon Pegg is not above average for normal people. He’s average for normal people.


I don’t know, I’d say he’s more normal for average people.

But that could just be me.


I’ve always thought of Pegg as being ordinary.


Well, you know, he’s average.


I can feel myself losing brain cells as I read this thread


And that’s just what men want. :grin:


Well, he’s ginger, which counts against him of course, but on the plus side he’s funny and he’s not fat. I would guess being rich and famous counts for something.

So, basically, the OP just needs to be rich, famous, and funny, and he’s sorted.

He posted at 5am. He’s sleeping it off. Whatever ‘it’ was.