Man I need a gf


Plot twist:

OP is married and in a drunken status he realized that he’d like to have a 小三, so he did the most sensible thing: he logged on Forumosa to share his thoughts with us. Unfortunately he passed out with his phone next to him, his wife found out and they’ve been having a completely reasonable discussion about it since 5am this morning.


I endorse this. Apps are awesome. Last week I was out of town so my bud helped me download tinder for the first time and create an account. Also used Bumble. They worked even better than I anticipated :smirk: :sunglasses:.

…But also, I wasn’t looking for serious relationships. And these apps do have a reputation to be for hook ups. So YMMV.


Bumble seems like a weird name for a dating app. Or maybe not…


You know what’s a weird name? Raya (google it). A few of my pals are on it, but allegedly there’s a long waitlist/approval process so you can’t log on and start swiping as soon as you want, which is inconvenient. But it also does have a way smaller pool of people for you to swipe, and in the last year it’s starting to get saturated with folks who might already be in each other’s social circles, so a little self-cannibalizing there.


gyms or a good place to get GFs and get yourself tuned up and toned up. I was asked by a very hot looking lady to help adjust her cycling machine seat height last week (she was so weak and vulnerable looking lol), , but then she said “Oh sorry I thought you were a coach here”. Now for a really old guy like me that’s better that she thought I was a coach than the janitor or bathroom attendant.


Why come no one is honoring the terms of this polite request?


Just this particular thread? Or maybe a couple of other ones as well?


We’re not exactly rule followers around here. Just ask the mods.


I had a very similar experience last week.

I got stuck in the door at McDonalds and a very hot looking lady tried to help me out. In the end, she called some guy who works there to unlock the second half of the door. I paid for the lady’s lunch and got her number.

My wife was not happy.


Yeah, you want everyone to ignore a thread, start with something like

Important!! Everyone please read!!


Because you paid for her lunch, right?


it’s already afternoon here.


TBH I think you don’t understand what my problem is haha.


You need your dark chocolate fix?


Your wife was not happy that you got stuck in the door, paid for her lunch , got her number , or all three ?


I’m not desperate for a girl, I can have girls if I want (not bragging, I wish I could! but no, I’m not desperate either). Problem is I need to plan and figure out things.


And I want chocolate. Several types. Not talking about smoking.


Maybe he got stuck in her. Hm…


that will get moderated out but I enjoyed the comment in the short time you got it in.


The moderators are becoming sloppy and they don’t really attend to their duties anymore. Freedom, sweet freedom :slight_smile: