Man I need a gf


That’s what would annoy my wife, the paying for the lunch while we need a new washing machine might result in murder. However, the other things would probably be fine.


It’s the number I guess…


Actually, in the whole commotion I completely forgot to get my wife’s lunch.

But then she didn’t get me a case of German beer either. @marasan - any chance your wife offers training classes?


They’re too busy playing guess the fucking image


It gets better. I complained yesterday that our low carb diet has gone to crap lately. I told her not to buy any more beer (yes, the case is gone after a party last Saturday), and that I would buy a bottle of scotch after work today. She told me there was no need as she bought a bottle of Irish whiskey and it was behind the TV. Not sure why she needed to hide it, though. Sheesh. Talk about a not-so-subtle hint.

Edit: I thought gf was gay fling and that, man, the OP needed one.


I somehow read it as “I need a man gf”


plenty of them in the gym too



There just seems to be more adventures in Taiwan…


You dont need a gf, you need a sex friend.

btw, if you find one let me know too. asking for a friend


This is a sentence I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. :open_mouth:


Bumble is cool as the girl makes the first move. Very refreshing. Never got a chance to use it though


I can’t believe I typed those words out. My fingers felt unusually stiff and unwilling, but I forced the letters out somehow to form that sentence from hell.


It’s even harder to imagine coming from a man’s lips.


Yes. I thought the wife would do one of these.




#me too (for my friend )


This sounds all wrong…


If you suck with women and making small talk in your home country, then you’re going to suck at it in Taiwan too. The “white privilege” part will help you to get their attention at the beginning, but if you don’t know how to maintain a girl’s interest then no amount of “white privilege” will help you.


Look, let me tell you, a woman cannot resist a gentleman, and by that I mean someone who is kind, polite and relatively clean. If he makes you laugh, you are lost. And for that you do not need to be a clown, just enjoy each other´s company and have simple fun. That is if you want a relationship.

If you want sex, the same applies. Sure, you can have teh usual money flashing and macho posturing, but to get the night of your life you gotta give a little bit of yourself.