Man I need a gf


Isn’t this what loneliness is?


No it’s not. It’s horniness.


I can’t say these are mutually exclusive feelings.


There are lonely people, deeply sad, who don’t wank.

Poor idiots.


On the other hand it’s possible that the OP posted this right after going to whores, which is not necessarily happy either. Is he the same forumosan who was asking about brothels in Taipei?


What about being nasty to people all the time? What sort of person would that trait fit?


I wonder how the OP will feel if he comes back to the thread and reads all these posts…


Wow. It’s so desperate that someone in the Dating & Relationship forum would ask about how to get into a relationship. What a loser, huh? :roll_eyes:

@Gain why do you always have to piss in people’s cornflakes? No one forced you to click this thread.


I’m not sure that desperation, at least in terms of needing a partner at 5am, is a trait. It’s more a need.


I asked her name, she said Juanita.


The advice about hitting the gym is best. Not to hit on women there, but to get into better shape and thus build more confidence.


My sweet Chaquita
What are you up to?


Never trust anyone that drops their jaw and says, “Riggght?” When making a point
Never trust anyone that tells you they don’t masturbate
Never trust anyone that won’t admit to feeling lonely


He turned out to be Juan Carlos, el de los cojones largos


Invest in a nice hair cut and dress up a bit. You’ll feel like a new man.


And his wife will suspect something’s up.


Nah, I was thinking of this song:


My missus won’t allow that.


If u have a missus you better give the other misses a miss lest your wife and thus your life comes a mess.

Coming back from Berkeley the other night my headlights lit up a huge assemblage of Berkeley cheerleaders doing an impromptu show on a traffic island. I had to drive around the island twice…whooo…eeeeee. Tongue hung out like the dawg I am. Missus was not pleased, said not a word. I know I aint supposed to be lusting after such young lassies but old mangy dawgs still like young lassies just like when we wuz mere pups


Wow, must’ve really made a hard impression in your mind, as not the first time you mentioned your “drive-by lusting”.
Perhaps @mad_masala has some cheerleaders DVDs he can ship C.O.D.