Man I need a gf


Didn’t we say that you guys need to improve your appearance as you have pretty women by your side and the contrast with messy, shorts sandals and socks wearing, in dire need of shave/haircut/shower atoga is rather shocking?


A toga you say? It’s a bold fashion statement but OK, I’ll try it.


Shocking is a kind way to put it :rofl:


But, if I look better than my ladyfriend doesn’t that take away from her beauty? My wife hates when I get more looks than she does.



As always, refresh our collective Juingian memory here, exactly how is this your business at all?

I mean until someone posts about not being able to make time with the neighborhood Cat Lady, at which time, you know, knock yourself out.


Just sharing some of my thoughts as womenfolk on the matter. And yep, shouldn´t matter unless furriners are stinky. Then it is move to another car/table.

It is just the grandma fix it in me that wants to get a brush for strong scrubbing and heavy duty cleaner sometimes…


If a woman (or a man if you are a woman or gay) doesn’t accept you as you are, then she’s not worth it. That’s the way I choose my couples, I wear like shit, don’t shave, burp and fart and borrow money from her. If she walks away then fine, I don’t care.


I’m only nasty to desperate losers.

The title itself reeks of desperation already.

No wonder you’re single.


To be fair if you start a thread titled “Man I need a gf”…you’ve got to expect some sort of a reaction.


Not really single. Or not exactly. I’m as single as I want, actually.


And she/they stayed after you borrowed money from them?

Well I guess there’s nothing else to say if people are wilfully stupid.


I’ll leave it here. But probably it’s not them who are stupid, @Gain, it’s not them, @Gain.


Another classic @tommy525 post there for the album.


Number one is get out and go places.

Last night I went out around 9 p.m. to get a pizza. Sitting minding my own business and met two separate girls turned out very nice unexpectedly.

If I stayed home for pizza, no chance, nada.

Number two is get online, set up meeting.


I wonder when OP will finally come back to survey the damage he has caused.


He’s been shamed enough by @Gain that he probably isn’t coming back.


I absolutely endorse the show you as you are. Anything else would be lying. But too much mess goe sbeyond comfort and into something is fishy. And I mean, fishy.




The usual descriptor is damp goats, but I’m sure there’s some fishiness in there too.