Man in very unfortunate...accident

Man in unfortunate saw-mill penis incident

The caption under the accompanying photo had me just ROLLING.


Frick, that was indeed funny.
I have tears. :laughing:

Years ago, my dad was working in a mill building pallets. Boards would come down a 6-foot-wide, waist-high table, and one guy on either side would position the wood and fire a couple of nails into the appropriate joins.

One day, one guy’s nail gun jammed. Rather than take care of it properly, he pulled the trigger as he slammed the gun into the crosswise board before him.


The nail was driven through the cross piece, traveled across the table, and punched through the board on the other side… bingo. Skewered his partner right through the fly.

There’s not enough worker’s comp. in world to cover that.

Injuries not serious!!! Easy for him to say indeed.

My eyes are watering just from reading that.