Man mistakes girlfriend for pig....Hardest thing to apologize for

Sure, you might get away with mistaking your girlfriend for a pig. A nice dinner, a dozen roses…anything might win back her heart. But what happens when you shoot her? … ories.html

I sense a honky tonk smash hit in the making…

Kermee! How could you do this…to moi?

How could one EVER apologize for something like that? Pigs are more sensitive than dolphins, I’ve heard.

I forget the name of the guy, but there was a Belgian Grand Prix driver in the 1920’s who was at a party with some friends. He decided to go into some bushes and pretend he was a wild pig to frighten his friends. Duly frightened by the noise and rustling in the bushes one of the party took out a gun and shot into the said area, killing the guy stone dead.

Better than mistaking your pig for your girlfriend:

I said squeal!