Man roasts someone's cat on an Italian street

Woke up with this being the top news in Italy. There’s a video of it…


So being top news, the virus is settling down now? Good news.:slight_smile:

Italians really love dogs and cats. People bring their pets everywhere and it’s always welcomed. Political candidates take a bunch of pictures with dogs and cats on their Instagram, and making animal rights law is a major political issue.

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Now I know. So whats in for the roaster in said culture?

I’m not sure. He was arrested. I’m not clear on his legal status in Italy either, I’m guessing he isn’t a citizen.

Was he hungry or crazy?

Not sure. Both?

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One of those recent arrivals of brain surgeons again?

Sounds like all of my friends before they have children.

After their children grow up it’s just as bad.

Yeah, what is it with all those goddam kids photos these days?

People are locked indoors with them. Turns the hardest bonkers over enough time.

Yes, it certainly seems so. :smirk: The other other white meat.:plate_with_cutlery: :cat2: :man_cook: