Man threatens to kill Ma, Ma's daughters

Someone threatens to kill Ma’s daughters.

Then someone else threatens to kill Ma himself.

[quote]Following an online threat earlier this week to kill President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) two daughters, police yesterday investigated another Internet threat that called for the assassination of the president.


This is getting out of hand now. I suspect pan-green conspiracy. The authorities should hunt these people down and harshly punish these terrorists.

I agree, everyone making such terroristic threats should be punished severely. For example:

“Taiwan authorities should “stop playing with fire,” a senior official said Wednesday.”

I suspect Ma and his daughter have threatened themselves.

The authorities should handle these threats using the same professionalism and zeal with which they prosecute crime in general. And good luck to Pres. Siew.


Those who threatened to kill President Chen were let off. Freedom of speech. Something tells me that the same people who called for such lenient treatment on Chen will be calling for the hangman’s rope on these threats.