Mandarin Airlines Fokker 100 lands missing a tire

Mandarin airlines Fokker 100 lands and they discover a tire missing. Later found left behind at Sungshan airport. Spokesman said that lucky only 53 passengers onboard , otherwise, if fully loaded may have been a problem.

Lucky Fokker!

great… there goes my Taichung-Hong Kong flights… the only operator on this sector is Mandarin Air flying, you guessed it, Fokker 100’s… It saves me the massive headache of hauling arse up to Taoyuan just to come all the way back down to HKG, but from the beginning I’ve been concerned about flying what is effectively a “fly by night” bargain basement subsidiery of the most dangerous airline in the world, China Air… Those Fokker 100’s are rough, really rough… they may have had an avionics overhaul (who knows) but the airframe and fittings look like they’ve not been touched since the orginal 1970’s issue… Add to that what is quite literally the worst level of maintenance and servicing in the aviation world by a bunch of 差不多 neanderthals who couldn’t even crack the nod for the China Air cowboy maintenance crews, folks who can’t even keep the tires on the plane, and I’m afraid it’s all the way up to Taoyuan from now on… sigh Taiwan, taking another bold step backwards every day… :s

Well you could go south to KHH instead? Or if it makes you feel any better. These guys are gonna get the new E190. A type nobodys flown in Asia yet. So you get the thrill of inexperienced fright crews in addition to maintanance crews??

come on be brave. I would do it

well maybe they were Russian , cuz they were in such a hurry??? harharhrrrharr.

acUTALLY they have only a handful of the very last F100 ever made by Fokker. And I think they got em like ten years ago. These are not the F28 that regular drop outa the skies in Indonesia though.

I flew em to KHH within days of em gettin em back in the day . I loved them. They have rolls royce engines and are made by Mercedes Benz. Course that was when they were just delivered. who knows if they got so much as an oil change since then?

Mercedes pulled out of Fokker after losing their shirts (cuz the Fokker 100 didnt sell ) and then Fokker closed up shop. The oldest commercial airline maker went kaput, belly up.

Leaving a few orphan F100s flying around, probably missin a part here and a part there?

No, they are Brazilian I suppose ‘Embraer’ E190

Those Fokker 80 and 100’s are still running big business by KLM in the Netherlands.
at least, they are still well maintained which migh be a bit different here…

Looks like old news :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, Iv never been on an Embraer, but their new larger jets the E170, 175, 190 and 195 are starting to grab the 80 to 100 seat market worldwide. Embraer is related to Dassault , makers of Mirage. So they have good technology and are good planes. Id like to try one of the new ones as listed above.

I understand Mandarin Airlines has ordered some of these to fly Taichung to/from HK. And some small new HK airline is supposed to fly the same type on the route as well?

These planes have become such a success in a potentially large market that Bombardier is reviving their plan for a similar craft. Sokhoi (with Boeings help) is coming out with one. Japanese are once again thinking of making a passenger plane (they havent made one since the, not so terribly good YS-11) and even the Chinese have one now.

And yes it may be old news. Nowhere on the vid did it say when this incident was?

now with the advent of the internet, airlines will find unpleasant incidents/accidents hard to forget.

HEY. mANDARIN just got its first E190 , read bout it here

Embraer is a joint Brasilian/European air plane maker. They are actually kicking ass in the low range sector.

Lotsa dodgy airlines in Asia.

I use Air Asia, and they service quite a lot of convenient routes, but methinks those planes have some serious mileage on them.

That said, I’m going to be teaching some trainee cabin crew ‘Cabin English’ next semester.

I’ll include “the fooking bird’s going down, say your last prays” in Essential Vocab 101…