Mandarin Daily

Has anybody had any experience studying Chinese at The Mandarin Daily? I want to sign up, but I’m not sure if it’s a good school.

Your comments are appreciated.

It doesn’t look as good as TLI, CLD or Pioneer to me. Books looked very old and not very good. I think the Shita books are the best (i think they still use them at CLD and Pioneer) and the TLI books are pretty good too. Class schedules and pricing don’t seem very flexible either. As for quality of teachers, I have no idea. I think their focus is more on teaching English to schoolkids.


Thanks Bri.

Actually, I’ve signed for a month. But it being February, I’ve only had to pay 3/4 the price.

I left it too late to sign up for Shita, and Taida’s quite expensive.

However I have been told that we’ll be using the Shita book.

Thanks again.

I studied there in the late '80s so what I have to say is probably pretty dated but I do recall that MDN’s method of drilling on bo po mo fu (chu-yin-fu-hao, for the technically minded) was the best pronunciation training that I have had in Taiwan, better than MTC and Pioneer, both of which I have attended. So if you really starting from the beginning, MDN is not a bad choice.