Mandarin Learning App Temporarily free

Apparently only some of it is free. On HSK6, for example, i goes from 2501 to 5000, but only 2501 to 2900 is included for free. “Unlock all words and levels for the low price of $19.99”. That’s on the US app store, your mileage may vary.

Can I actually learn anything with that APP? my level is “bu chi dao”, perhaps “tin bu dong”

I seem to have access to all levels at the moment.

Mostly for learning characters.

Too advanced!

I think I’m getting back to Hola Chinese.

It’s just flashcards, actually a bit easier than flashcards because it’s essentially flashcards with a word bank supplied. You won’t learn language from it but it’s pretty and you could use it to review (mechanically) knowledge of characters. For my money I’d rather use the time to read broadly because you get additional benefit for general language proficiency, but if you’re prepping for the exam it probably makes sense.

I would like a flashcard app that puts the word into a sentence and context after you select the correct character.

I believe that would be a huge reinforcement for my learning.

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