Mandarin tuition Puzi City and surrounding

Hello all,
I recently arrived in Puzi City and will stay for a few months, does anyone know of how I can find Mandarin tuition around the area? Would prefer to stay local if possible for the next few months…
Also anyone live locally? Would be good to get local tips…

Puzi city ?

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Puzi City


Chiayi County

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As per the map! Although barely a village :laughing:

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Mostly small villages, with one built up town-like area outside the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

And a few universities in same area.

Can probably find some students, teachers, language exchange, or some Mandarin learning information around the university area.

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Puzi City and surrounding area should be an authentic small town Taiwan experience.

Not really much to do in area. Lots of farms, including corn and fish, very small villages, near coast but not really any usable beaches. Public transport not convenient, few buses, nearest local train station 30-40 minutes or more by car in Chiayi city. High speed rail with Starbucks and sushi express is ~10 minutes With car easier access to Chiayi and Tainan.

The villages are interesting fun to walk around with the old traditional red brick homes still in use.

Lots of small temples and temple culture.

Chiayi is largest city in area. Has a couple (or less) movie theaters, couple department stores, lots of coffee shops, couple pubs, and still small town feeling.