Mandarin verions of the Dschinghis Khan song

Lamigo Monkeys has been using the song as one of their cheers.

Lamigo’s cheer “Like a boss”

The lyrics is obviously inspired by an earlier version of the adaptation by 方正 and 許不了 (probably for a movie Edit:1981歡樂大兵, never seen the film, probably a good thing)

The 方正 and 許不了 version interestingly adapted the intro from Kongfu Fighting, instead of just going with the original Dschinghish Khan song…

Apparently there are even earlier versions:

Zhang Die’s 1986 version, Chengjisihan, terrible rendition imo, but it made her famous, in China.

An even earlier (1980) version by 愛慧娜 (never heard of her, probably Chinese also), the lyrics is exactly the same as Zhang Die’s version, but sounds much better.

The most famous version in the Sino-sphere is probably by Lam Chi Cheung (George)

That’s a pretty great version… The lyrics is well written and I think inspired the lyrics in 方正 and 許不了’s version.

Of course, the original

The Japanese version makes me want to kill myself.

A veritable font.

I discovered the original (is it Turkish? or what?) in high school somehow. I thought it was super obscure and I’m shocked to learn that it’s actually well known.

Original was German, the band was in some Europe-wide competition, and got their name Dschinghis Khan from their song.

What I really want to know is if there is a rendition of this song in Mongolian, because that would be freaking awesome.

Dschinghis Khan the band has one other really famous song:

that’s the English version… I don’t recall where I first heard the Moscow song, but it’s been stuck in my head ever since… (maybe it was from some play?)