Mandatory Motor Vehicle Insurance Question

I just moved to Taichung and my scooter was in Kaohsiung, I just realized my scooter insurance renewal was sent to my old address and when I realized this by looking at my paperwork , I was 4 days over.

Called the original insurer, they said policy is cancelled. I went to a new company who set up a new one immediately effective four days late.

Am I going to expect a fine in the mail for no insurance even if I wasn’t using the vehicle? The new company said I might when I asked.

I’m not an expert, but I think you don’t have anything to worry about especially since you have acted quickly to fix it. I have a car and 2 scooters, and am lucky that my insurance person sends me a line to remind me. really nice service. perhaps this new one will too? I just moved as well, and went to the DMV to change my vehicle registration address and also my driver’s license address. They check for insurance and any tickets. Also, if you want to transfer the title, they’ll check for this.

It’s fine…I was in the same boat as you …my insurance company sent the renewal forms to my old address and it was already more than a mth when I found out my Insurance has expired…I called them and they sent me new forms to my current address and I renewed it…there was no fine or anything. I believe unless you get stopped by the cops and they check your license and insurance and they find your Insurance has expired, then you might be fined…otherwise you’re O.K!