Mandatory School Quarantines and Labor Insurance

Our school was put on quarantine today for one week due to an outbreak of H1N1. I believe that we have 6 confirmed cases and 10 suspected. So, my question was, will we get compensated from the labor insurance that I pay into every month. It would seem logical that we should, (insert remarks about Taiwanese logic here), since they will pay for your expenses if you get into an accident on the way to or from school. If there is a forced, mandatory shut down due to a mass viral infection, that should warrant compensation, right?

Wrong! (not actually surprised) When we called they said absolutely not. If they did that then they would have to compensate all the people that had been asked to take days off for economical reasons as well. Clearly quarantines and cutbacks are the same thing. A lot of teachers work at more than one school. We pay into labor insurance, but do not get covered in a situation like this. Where is the incentive to call our other schools and say that we can not come in for fear of contaminating those students?

I’m coming down with a fever now. Will I be compensated if I get H1N1 from going to my job at a contaminated school? I have put myself in the path of this flu, as have all the teachers out here, by seeing hundreds of open sneezing, finger sucking, nose picking disease factories each week. If anybody is susceptible to getting this flu, it’s us, the teachers. If anybody is likely to spread this disease, it us, the buxiban teachers who do not just teach one class, but switch classes every hour. We should be the first to be offered the H1N1 shots.


I can relate to this one.

When I was at the jr/sr high school, I had 18 different classes each week, running between 3 or 4 classrooms per day. Every flu season, I’d get nailed. It seemed like kids with fevers were just sent to school anyway because God forbid they miss a class or the parents have to get someone to watch them at home. Then at least a half dozen kids in each class would be sick. BAMMO!

Since I’ve been doing corporate, I haven’t had one person show up sick. I hope that I will have fewer sick days from now on, especially since they are unpaid.

On a related note, I’ve heard through the grapevine that the school I was at before had to shut down 3 classes because of the number of students in them with H1N1. Glad I’m outta there…

I figure my immunity must be at a constant peak. I just hope I don’t burn out!