Mango Juice

I’ve just discovered fresh mango juice – outstanding. Nothing like back at home, not even close.

Do they add sugary syrup to it?

Gosh I do love Those Taiwan Mangos !!! yummy. The proper way is nothing but mangos with shaved ice in a blender . no need to add anything else.

I see mangoes like they grow on trees here.
(heh heh heh)

The TAIWAN BEER brewery north of town does a seasonal mango beer. Its not widely distributed, at least not in the last 2 years, so I’ll have to cruise up the road to get my share of it this year. Should be available in 2 - 3 weeks. Availability usually lasts for a month or so.

What’s even better is my post-workout drink.

Fresh mango, a scoop of protein powder, a tub of natural yoghurt, soy milk (I can’t drink normal milk), a few ice cubes. Toss it all into a blender. Yum.

Occasionally I’ll add a handful of instant oats, or I’ll use papaya or banana instead of mango. Sometimes as well as mango, although not all three at once.

double post

Although I prefer Melons