Manila or Bangkok

I need to do a visa run later this month to get a visitor visa. I’m thinking Manila or Bangkok. I searched a lot of threads about this and they all seem to b from a year ago so what about th present times. Which is better to get a visa?

I cant comment on the philippines; However, I made my visa run 3 months ago to Bangkok and had no problems. Friendly visa staff, cheap flight, inexspensive accomodations, great food, and a great city to check out while you are waiting for your visa.

Manila is a pain … too long a waiting time, up to 3 days and too busy …

How long is the wait time in Bangkok?

I don’t know, but you can do it in one day in HK, including the flights there and back, if you catch an early flight and run to the train. Surely there are a few threads on that subject.

Be prepared with all the correct papers and photos and you can have it done in 24 hours.

Day 1:
Submit Visa application before 11am
Spend a wonderful afternoon and evening taking in bangkok

Day two:
Pick up your Visa 1st thing in the morning
Go to the airport and fly back to Taiwan

Easy as pie

Go to BKK, my friend went to Manila, they took all her papers and when she went back 3 days later they told her they hadn’t done anything because she didn’t pay the fee. well no one asked her to pay anything so how was she to know ? You are much better off with HK or BKK.

How is Sydney?

Cool this time of year.


When the time comes in a few months, I’m gonna do it in Tokyo. I’ve heard good things about the office there. And hey, why not spend 4 or 5 days “taking in” Dongjing??? After all, what is the “school vacation” for anyway?? :smiley: