Manmohan Singh Is No Nehru

Just been listening to the Taj Intercontinental’s doorman, Manmohan Singh talking to a joint session of the US congress.

Not a great orator…


Anyone stay awake to have anything useful to say on Indo-American relations? I bet Bush made him serve the tea.


Well India and the US are forming a very long-term committed strategic partnership and most Indians say that they admire America most of all countries. Singh may be no Nehru but that is a good thing. The last thing India or the rest of the world needs is another pontificating, elitist socialist spouting equality theories while living the good life. Let the Indian economy rev itself up and go ahead full steam. Let the socialists and their ilk hand spin cotton for all I care, just get them the hell out of the way. Fifty years they had to ruin India. I think we can assume that their theories were wrong just as those communist theories were wrong in China, Russia and just about every where else they were tried.

Besides Broon Ale, aren’t you happy to see the Anglosphere coming together in all its multitudinous parts? Australia? US? UK? now India? to some degree Canada? greater cooperation from NZ? Perhaps a strategic relationship with South Africa? Good relations with Pakistan? Singapore? Malaysia? Aren’t you pleased?