Mansion on Renai Road Section 3

Has anybody seen that big mansion on Renai Road Section 3, a few minute walk down from Howard Plaza and directly across from the main entrance to the Air Force Academy? I walk by it every morning, and as you know, seeing a “house” in downtown Taipei is rare, but seeing a mansion of this size is kind of a shocker…I noticed a lot of guards standing around it with a lot of surveillance cameras…who the hell lives in there!!! I’ve been wondering about it, but never figured it out…I’m guessin’ some very important government figure, because I see a full police escort sometimes come out of the place and a big long Cadillac…what is this? some sorta government housing for big shot politicians or something??? Damn…

That’s right next to my office.

Annette Lu is the current occupant.

The previous occupant was the general who gave the order to fire on the crowds that started the 228 event, I think his family name was Peng… can anyone confirm or correct this?

thanx! I guess it is a government residence then…these politicians live well!

Hi, Tigerman, you’re right about Annette, but not about general Peng. He used to live in the mansion on the corner of Lishui Jie and Jinhua Lu, now home to Premier You Xikun.
I remember in my student days at Shida, I used to pass there every day. There was a plaque on the door reading “Peng Zhai” and one of those shady military policemen in civilian outfit hanging around outside.