Maori potatoes available

At the Mitsukoshi Dept. Store on (I think) Nanjing W. Rd. These little beauties are small deep crimson knobbly things about the same size and colour as large shrimp tails. The flesh is yellow.
They are sweet and delicious with a texture that’s somewhere between potato, jerusalem artichoke and water chestnut. I’m gorging on them in a tomato and basil sugo with herb-crusted grilled fish as I speak (belch) and all I can say is, if you happen across them, snap 'em up.

What the hell are ‘Maori Potatoes’?

I would have thought that meant kumara (sweet potato), but kumara are not crimson, and are bigger than that (more like Taiwanese digua).


I did a google and came up with this. It appears from the bottom pic that there many varieties, but the ones here are a bright magenta pink colour. The Maori name is taewa. I’d never seen or heard of them before today, either, but Jojo brought them home just to try, and we discovered that they are wonderful.

Fascinating. Never heard of Taewa before, but maybe they could be a trendy NZ food. My kiwiana knwoledge is out of date. Here’s another link I found: … -Jul03.cfm


They’re not related to the Aussie butt-spud are they? Seems to be the same texture, although a slightly more earthy colour…

Maori potatoes. I’m a Kiwi and I’ve never bloody heard of them! The Polynesian ancestors of the Maori brought sweet potato to New Zealnd, but a variety much different from what we are familiar with today - more like a stringy carrot than a spud.