Maple Syrup in Kaohsiung

Looked in CostCo and Carrefor, don’t see it. anybody know? I have 600 pounds of pancake mix and no syrup.

I saw some at Mintzu Dollars last week. Look in the European Foods aisle.

Costco has it. I saw it there last week.

Well, the man from Quebec can help you here…Costco was out as of Friday, I was there looking for it. They sell a big bottle there usually and it’s not cheap.They should get more soon. They also have it at POYA on Tzyou road. A smaller bottle there and more expensive although if you only need a bit, it’s about 200nt for 250ml. The brand name is STEEVES.
Hope that helps.

But what about pure 100% maple syrup in Taipei. ANyone know?

Pure maple is available at several locations. Any of the expensive supermarkets like Breeze, Far Eastern, Jason’s…etc. Also if you’re in the Shida area…Mami’s - 1 car-drivable alley south of Shida/Rooselvet on Shida Rd.

If the 100% maple is too expensive. Try the Log Cabin syrup generic brand. Big bottle (24 fl oz/709ml) for about 130NT. Again available at the locations mentioned above. Works fine for my microwavable Ego waffles I bought from Costco. :sunglasses: