Maps of Taiwan for Garmin

I’ve been using the ‘City Navigator Taiwan v8.01’ map, but it’s getting really old now (since 2006, I think).

I just tried v8.51 but there’s a bug in it, it only shows the first letter of each word a street. ‘Fuhua 3rd Street’ will be displayed as ‘F… 3… S…’. Annoying to say the least, I reverted back to the v8.01 map.

If you have a Garmin GPS unit, what maps are you guys using and are they any good?

Wow…that map sure is ancient…which Garmin GPS unit are you using? I’m using the Nuvi 5000 with the latest City Navigator 2010 map…nothing short of awesome I must say :slight_smile: …Maps are very detailed and most ramps, complicated intersections, highways etc are in 3D…never got lost once since I started using Garmin more than a year ago.

[quote]I just tried v8.51 but there’s a bug in it, it only shows the first letter of each word a street. ‘Fuhua 3rd Street’ will be displayed as ‘F… 3… S…’. Annoying to say the least, I reverted back to the v8.01 map.
[/quote] This could be happening if you’re using English as the text language…try changing the text language to Traditional Chinese…this could fix the problem.

Have you registered your Garmin unit online on If not, I suggest you do it cos that is where you can download your latest City navigator Maps for “Free”…you will be asked to input the serial number on the back of your unit to complete the registration…after that, you can enter the members area to download all the free stuffs (Maps, Software, Icons etc)…Garmin will also email you periodically when they have new maps available for download.

GPS: Engllsh Maps, and Perfect English

I want to share with you my findings on an English GPS system for Taiwan.
First of all, after talking to countless salespeople and hitting nothing but dead ends, I finally cracked this caper, and I’ll share it with you.
First off, I believe GARMIN is your best bet, simply due to the availability of worldwide maps. If you are like me and spend part of your year in different countries, why on Earth would you want a separate GPS system for every country?
After being told that English maps are simply not available for Taiwan, my new friend and sales rep Steven told me otherwise.
Not only are detailed English maps available for Taiwan, but buying them from Steven will save you a pretty penny.
Any Garmin GPS will do, but I opted for something even better:
The Garmin-Asus N-10
(You can search youtube, or Google and get good results)

Most smart phones (iPhone included) rely on Google Maps for their GPS.
Problem is, this service costs you money. Great if you have a data plan, but expensive if you don’t.
The N-10 has maps BUILT IN, which means it costs you NOTHING to use.
Not only is it a fantastic GPS system, but the battery life lasts all day, as opposed to a heavy, portable system which will give you 3 hours MAX, with no easily replaceable battery. A spare battery is cheap, so I opted to purchase that as well.
For 7000 NT you can get a decent Garmin, but that is all it is.
For roughly 14000 NT, you can get a smart phone that does EVERYTHING the portable GPS does and then some.

The ability to shoot video and 5 MP photos, play music (including Apple AAC and AAC+ files), use Microsoft Office, Facebook, Wifi, voice recordings,automatic backup, etc.
Even cooler, is the ability to take a photo, and the location details are automatically stored. If you are directionally retarded like myself, you can pull up a photo of your house and click “Take Me There” and not only will it find the shortest route (by walking or by car) it will give you voice commands that are clear, and accurate, and it will tell you what the estimated time of arrival is. Of course, you can find the local sushi restaurant in the vicinity, and also find the cheapest petrol according to your location. You can save tracks, look for the nearest MRT station, or use the touchscreen with your finger or the provided stylus and search for a location by name.

You can ALSO record your phone conversations when those employers call you up so that you can recall the details of your conversation. (007, or WHAT?!)
In short, I am blown away, and I after 2 weeks use, I have ZERO complaints.
Steven the sales rep speaks excellent English, and he threw in a bunch of freebies for me. He’s been selling GPS systems for nearly a decade, and he knows his stuff.
Go to the K-Mall at Taipei Main Station, and look for the store called “HW”
He’s very close to the front entrance, but call these numbers and I’m sure he will give you directions to his store:

Tell him SEAN sent you.

Sean, what price for the phone alone? I already have Garmin SD/uSD maps for my Zumo. I’ve been waiting for the next gen Garmin/Asus unit.

BTW, isn’t the model no. M10? The N10 is an Acer netbook.

just buy a Garmin, the Nuvi 200 or something like that is the easiest one, and there are several “hacks” online to change all to english and worldwide maps for free online… you can also install garmin for windows mobile and have it in your cellphone too… a friend of mine does the job for 2k to fix a GPS device… last time he fixed a TOM TOM from Australia to make it work here in taiwan with english menu but the maps from here…

Garmin is worth the money. I futzed around with Teletype, Magellan, Tom Tom, and other brands, and finally bit the bullet and got Garmin. If you ride motos, the Zumo is non plus ultra

Can you enter addresses in Pinyin with the Garmin models?

A few years ago I had to go and work for a while in the U.S. I had a hell of a time finding my way around so I picked up a US model Nuvi 350 (no Chinese text).

There was a Garmin shop not far from my place in Taiwan. I thought when I get back to Taiwan I’ll pop in and buy the Taiwan map on SD card. When I tried to buy the map, the guy told me I’d have to buy a new unit as they don’t sell Taiwan maps. Garmin don’t sell maps for their home turf! “Taiwan WTF”.

The guy in the shop understood my complaint and told me to search the net. It was pretty easy to find out how to get to get maps onto an SD card.

What I’d like to know is; if you are using an English map on a Garmin, what version is it?

[quote=“maunaloa”]Sean, what price for the phone alone? I already have Garmin SD/uSD maps for my Zumo. I’ve been waiting for the next gen Garmin/Asus unit.

BTW, isn’t the model no. M10? The N10 is an Acer netbook.[/quote]

Yes, I stand corrected.

Hacks such as…? Got a URL?

[quote=“Paul Muskinbak”]
What I’d like to know is; if you are using an English map on a Garmin, what version is it?[/quote]

If you know the extension or filetype, I can search my phone for it. I had a look, but I cannot identify what file is actually the map.

To see the map version on my Garmin unit it’s ‘settings->map->map info’. This shows the name and version of all the maps installed. So, look for something that says ‘map info’ or similar.

The extension of the map file is ‘.img’, but there’s no mention of the version number in the file name. The file is probably called something like ‘gmapbmap.img’ or ‘gmapsupp.img’.

I’d appreciate it if you could post the version here.

Yesterday I installed v8.50. It’s from 2008, so it’s much more up to date than the v8.01 map from 2006 i was using and it doesn’t have the software bug that v8.51 has, where road names are only displayed by their initials.

According to a thread here, an 8.63b map exists. Maybe contact Garmin how to acquire this.

8.63B does exist, in English.

Garmin won’t sell it to you if you have an American unit. If you have a Taiwanese one, you can log in through My Garmin to get it:

I am a but late to your discussion, but, am working on the same issue. I got an Etrex Vista 4 years ago in the States. Since I moved to Taiwan, I of course wanted to update it with Taiwan topo maps… which can be done. You just go to the local Garmin shop and buy the software… which I did. I now have the TW maps installed on my GPS.

Of course, this being TW there is a problem. I can see the maps on my GPS but the text/names (like which mtn is that) come out garbled. Since my GPS has no Chinese language option on it (of course it has Polish), guess my next step will be going back to the same shop and seeing if they can flash my GPS with the latest tw firmware. I will post the results here when I make through since I assume there are others in the same boat.

I bought an ASUS-Garmin M10 in Guanghua in April 2010 and have used it in Asia, N.Am, and Europe with Garmin maps for each continent. The Taiwan maps I bought were from eBay, from a Canadian Garmin dealer. USD99, IIRC. The maps are completely legal, and in English, no Chinese. The M-10 is unavailable in N.Am., but it comes with a means of switching the user language.

I think the easiest thing is to buy a local gps locally. On the other hand, the same gps I bought 4 years ago in the us is still in production and costs 30% more here. I guess now i must pay back that 30% ($100 usd) in extra-mafan to get the chinese maps working correctly.

This is a very nice looking GPS/phone and probably the only smartphone I’d consider as a replacement for my Nuvi 200W. Presumably it came preloaded with the Taiwan map in Chinese, right? Does the GPS system let you use pinyin to enter addresses? Any other + or - points to consider?

You can get at the Garmin dealer the English map of Taiwan City Navigator. It’s version 2010.30.
Costs 1600 NTD and will be updated yearly according to Garmin

It doesn’t come with any maps. You have to buy a separate uSD card, or do a PC to M10 transfer.

The Garmin map uSD takes up the only uSD slot.