Marbles for a Self-Made Marble Run

Have been building some toys out of cardboard for my 2-year old nephew recently. One is a marble run. I have some marbles from way back when, but I need some more and in different sizes.

Can anyone recommend a good toy store in Taipei where they sell marbles and possibly material for further DIY projects?


Have you checked Toys ‘Я’ Us?

R’nt they bank’Я’upt?


Only in the US.

They have a store or two in Taiwan and still alive in Canada.

Toys ‘Я’ Us is like Kenny Rogers Roasters. The American company not in America.

Except one of those countries is Canada.

October 2020.


I just remembered the Taipei rear end area.

Guess there are some toy shops with supplies.

Had no idea they still exist in Taiwan…


Until a few days ago I didn’t knew they were out of business in the US. I thought Toys Я Us was indestructible, like McDonalds.
Here are the stores in Taiwan according to their website…


They got those Japanese soda that is sealed with a marble… there’s that too.

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Search for 彈珠.

I reckon he’s going to love a marble run, but I’m not entirely sure if marbles are suitable for a 2-year-old. They do tend to put things in their mouth at that age. Maybe next year?


Not ideal, but if you cant find marbles, taiwan has BOAT loads of ballbearings that could be painted…or left as is. Every size imaginable and anywhere can be found.

Rock shops (like the daan market) and any other temple/rock type place also have millions.of options of rock and glass balls. Wooden ones are also common in religious related shops.

That photo just doesnt beam with funshine…

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Toys R Us went bust in the UK in 2018, funny as it feels like 20 years ago.


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He’s kind of advanced for his age, but I’ll keep that in mind. More worried about the marbles inevitably dropping on the tiled floor constantly, driving the downstairs neighbor crazy.

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Minus points for metal, glass or rock.

Plus points for wood.

So you’re worried he’ll…lose his marbles?

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Pretty much every stationery store in every community has a small toy / sports section inside. They all have marbles…small to big. 100% guarantee you will find them there. Usually in a net of 10 to 25 marbles.

Can also find on shopee

Just search for: 彈珠