March 25th Rummage Sale - children's goods, maternitywear

((I have a map and poster I would like to post here but don’t know how…someone please help!))

Taipei City Playgroup is now arranging their seventh Charity Rummage Sale. It will be held Sunday March 25th, 9:30am to 1:30pm. This is your chance to declutter, to help some children in Taiwan in a small way, and to come and clutter up again as you pick up a few bargains for your children and yourselves. You can also meet up with lots of other English-speaking families at the event.

1st Floor, 23 Fushun Jie (by the corner of Zhongshan and Minquan West Road)
Basement parking
Minquan West Road Station on the Red Line of the MRT
Just 3-5 minutes walk from many bus stops

If you have items you would like to donate for the sale, you can call either Katrina (0935-020-590) or Angie (0935-755-833) to arrange a volunteer to come and pick up, or to arrange a time if you can drop off items to a delivery point. Or you can PM/email and I will have someone contact you. We do limit the donations to children and maternity, as our resources and space are limited. (You can also bring items along on the day.)

Items you donate will be sold to shoppers on the day of the sale. WE NEED SHOPPERS! So you can also come along and get some great gear at a good price. All money raised goes to charity. The last few sales we have donated the money to an orphanage in Taipei County. Last rummage sale, unsold items were gifted to the needy in Yilan and surrounds through an organisation working mainly with aboriginal families in the area, and we plan to do this again.

Some of the children from playgroup will also run a lemonade stand. This has been a great experience for these kids. Again, they donate the money to charity.

If you would like to volunteer on the day (sorting through donations, looking after a table, helping clean up…), please let me know, as some of our most loyal volunteers are now busy with more children than before or pregnant, and it would be nice to ease their load.