Margarita (That Russian woman on TV)

I saw some Russian girl on TV today, name was Margaret or something. Pure babelicious. 25 years old or so. But I couldn’t make out the storyline, something about she got married for convenience 4 years ago so she could stay in Taiwan but not the man divorced her and some TV star loves her, too? What is that about?

Pfft, overrated. Not that hot. Kinda average actually. Story about the ARC marriage thing is in Next Magazine, but I haven’t read it. Don’t plan to either.

Is that the woman with her tits out on the cover?

I agree I do not think she is anything special, but my wife’s family thinks she is Miss Universe.

Anyway from what my wife says (boring gossip, but interesting) is she has been dating Chang Fei (the Taiwanese talk show host, and also the show that has made her famous) for a while now, and come to find out she is actually married to another Taiwanese so she could have her JFRV. Now it is all public, and Chang Fei will not see her anymore so I guess we will have to tune in to his show to see if she will be on it.

Told my wife it looks like a publicity stunt like all the American stars with decreasing popularity somehow having a formely thought to be well hidden porn movie of theirselves being released online … 2003202652

Asked if she’s afraid that her fame is fleeting, 瑪格莉特 revealed a side to her personality that likely helped gain her fame in Taiwan in the first place.

“Of course, all this won’t last,” she said smiling.

Yes. Take a peek inside there are some pie pics.

Yes. Take a peek inside there are some pie pics.[/quote]

Pie on the outside, borsht on the inside.

I like sour cream in my borsht

[quote=“cw.jc”]I agree I do not think she is anything special, but my wife’s family thinks she is Miss Universe.

Yeah, from the Taiwanese perspective, she IS gorgeous: tall, well-endowed compared to Asian women, white, non-black hair, big pointy nose. From the Western perspective, that is not enough to be considered gorgeous, because we are not blinded by her exotic appeal. Hey, Lucy Liu looks a lot better to Western eyes than she does to the Taiwanese.

Lucy Liu? Are you kidding? That lazy-eyed no-talent slapper?

[quote=“Tetsuo”]Lucy Liu? Are you kidding? That lazy-eyed no-talent slapper?[/quote]bababa’s point is that only Westerners (not I!) think Lucy Liu is attractive, and only Taiwanese think this Margarita is attractive.

<-- came in here expecting talk about alcohol :blush:

I think they’re both pretty damned hot.

[quote=“sandman”]I think they’re both pretty damned hot.[/quote]Yes, well it’s legendary how easily pleased you are… :wink:

What colour underwear do you have on right now?

What colour underwear do you have on right now?[/quote]What makes you think I’m wearing any?

She does have nice breasts, especially considering she looks as though she is the winner of a wet T-shirt contest.

Of course it looks good! However, she is sexy simply because she dares to be racy. I would be drooling more if there was a Taiwanese woman of same sexiness in the same pose with the same shirt. :slight_smile:

I suspect this Russian gal is a “Look at me everybody” type of girl and that’s a big turn off for me. :unamused:

I DID happen to notice that particular mag sold-out quickly at the 7-11 beside the university.

She’s got balls, if not talent. How can anyone knock her for trying to make a decent living? I wish her great success.

Good lord, are you suggesting she’s a half-completed sex-change job that was born as a boy? No wonder Chang Fei is backing off so smartly!

Eh…she looks like a bit of a slapper. Not that I wouldn’t do her - but I’m a normal heterosexual male (i.e., by definition I’d theoretically do any non-hideous female with a pulse, especially if she looks as trailer-park trampy as she does in these pics. BTW, what do they call trailer parks in the former USSR?) … 6594.shtml

She’s everywhere now – guest appearance on the Little S show, on the cover of Next Magazine in a see-through shirt (woo woo), and on the side of buses – and she’s really not all that beautiful.

She’s pretty, but she’s certainly no supermodel, or wouldn’t be outside of Taiwan. Is it all due to the fact that she can speak a little Chinese? Her Chinese isn’t even all that great is it (although it’s far better than mine)? Just goes to show how a little language skills can help one to get ahead.

Or am I missing something?