Marijuana loses in Alaska

56% against legalization. Not too bad. The good thing is that it was even on the ballot.

That’s surprising. I thought Alaska was still a wild frontier, where anything goes, where rugged loners who chafe at the restrictions of life in the lower 48 head so they can drill oil, catch giant salmon, get drunk at the strip-bars and frolic in the wilderness, with no law officers except an occasional game warden and the sheriff whose cases involve mostly drunken disturbances. I thought they were all libertarians up there and what drugs a person wanted to take was no one else’s damn business. But I guess that’s not completely true.

In any event, you’re right, that was close, and it was a vote to legalize pot, not just for medicinal purposes. Medicinal marijuana is already allowed in AK and now 9 other states (Montana just passed a med marijuana law by 62% vote).

So, maybe it wasn’t all as grim as it seemed. There are still good folks out there with common sense, a respect for personal liberties and no desire to cram their religious beliefs down other peoples’ throats.

How about a vote to legalize it for people who just like to get high? :s

Maybe the question asked if people wanted more “snow”

Or they were stoned when they filled the ballot in.