It’s illegal, I’m assuming. Is it available? What’s the story?

Dude, chill man, it’s all good.

[quote=“LeeTeacher”]It’s illegal, I’m assuming. Is it available?[/quote]No and no.

It’s available - like anywhere you just gotta know the right person;-)

It’s also VERY illegal (don’t know the exact penalties, but I’m aware quite strict.

The posting of this was not a wise thing to do.

“Listen to yer uncle Billy kids, don’t buy drugs … become a rock star and people give 'em to you for free.”


I don’t know where you are from but keep in mind that Taiwan is a much different place than America, England, Canada, etc. Thus, while the laws there may not be too strict for being caught with a small amout of weed, things are different here.
At the very least, you are risking deportation but probably not before you spend a few years behind bars. (Perhaps quite a few years). Is it worth it? You must decide that for yourself, but I think you really must be careful what you do here.
Please try to keep in mind that you are a “guest” in this country. Taiwan is generally a good place to live and most foreigners who post on this site live here because they like it. Thus, when someone breaks the law here, it makes the rest of us law abiding foreigners really look bad.
So, leave the weed alone and partake of the “legal” drugs if you must: wine, beer, betel nuts (which I don’t know if they are really a drug, although I heard that they give the chewer a buzz).

Never mind the whole death penalty hanging over your head if you get caught importing them into the country. No thank you, I’ll get my fix when I visit the fair land of Canada.

“Mmmm kay…now children today we are going to learn about Mary-ju-wanna…mmm kay.”

Hahaha. Funny…some of my coworkers score the stuff all the time and love to smoke out. Ai yo! :smiling_imp:


I dont like rock n roll to hot

but i want to live the rock n roll lifestyle

and when im a junkie ill sell black tees that say


A lot of people find Taiwan a good place to go straight for awhile. You might wanna consider it…

Thx, LeeTeacher, I had almost stopped thinking about, but you have brought back the terrible anguish that it took me months to get over since I moved from the states… Damn I miss the Green America…
btw… I saw the best thing the other day on MRT… A young female college student, maybe senior high, had a patch on her jacket with the most beautiful of nature’s leaves in the middle with the words “Fly the American Way” going around it…
To my disappointment, her english was worse than my chinese so I couldnt find out where she got it…

Potheads who smoke pot in Taiwan are like Americans who eat at McDonalds all the time. Why don’t you learn to appreciate the local culture? Try betel nuts.

In the small town that I live, one of the women who sells naiyoubing often wears this shirt with a huge marijuana leaf and a bunch of garbled English about the benefits of smoking said plant. I’m pretty sure that she has no clue what her shirt means. I’ve been thinking whether I should tell her or not.

I love betel nuts, but my wife hates it when I chew it… Says she can smell it on my breath for days so the only time I get to chew on my favorite nut is when we are fighting… “hey, you werent talking to me so I couldnt ask”… Works everytime…

Sad when I must say I get my enjoyment chewing on betal nuts and drinking tall boys of Taiwan’s finest!![/quote]

What about the girls wearing the “Smack me, spank me, shag me” T-shirts? Should they be told or should the instructions just be followed? :smiling_imp:

Groovy baby.

If you want cheap, good dope, move to Beijing.

About the T-shirts: please don’t tell them, because then they might stop wearing them, and it provides the foreigners with a harmless laugh.
About the original poster: Has anyone else noticed that he’s only made two posts so far, one looking for pot and one looking for a young woman with herpes?

Maybe he’s an undercover narc doing his job very badly. He’s trying to flush out foreigners who smoke pot and have herpes so he can deport’em.

I mean, considering the competence of the cops in this country, that’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

[quote=“mod lang”]Maybe he’s an undercover narc … trying to flush out foreigners who smoke pot and have herpes so he can deport’em.

Just what I was thinking too!