Do they test for marijuana in the medical for the workpermit/ARC? I know that there is a box on the form that means that they might, but they don’t do stooltests anymore (thank you!) and I don’t know of anyone who’s ever been busted for this on a medical?

I believe they do test for it.

How long does it last in your system.???

I have heard different things from different people as for other drugs also


does anyone know?

TNT: exhaustive information on testing here (including a dodgy program to plot your THC levels :slight_smile: )

No they definitely don’t test for it. I have friends who have had their medicals the day after smoking.

The testing is limited to testing for amphetamines and opiates.

They only test for it if you are doing permanent residency.

what about vitamin V ?

what’s it? Marijuana?

I believe the tests related to work permits and ARC stuff like that are geared towards health and diseases, not drugs.

But just FYI, pot stays in your system for up to a month (detectable by urine test), and that is if you smoke a lot. If you’re a casual smoker, 2-3 weeks probably. You can purify your system by drinking a lot of fluids. If you’re really desperate, drink a shitload of cranberry juice the day of the test (even though they tell you not to drink anything). That messes up the pH level in your piss so they won’t be able to tell. You don’t really have to worry about any other drugs, most of them only stay in your system for 3-4 days. Of course that means you have to be clean for 3-4 days.

One modern test for marijuana in the US involves testing a hair sample. Basically, if you’ve used pot during the time your hair has grown to its current length, you’re gonna be found out.

which is why the website i linked to above recommends (if you have cause yto worry about the test) claiming you’ve taken up swiming and depilating all over. :shock:

Anyway, I don’t know that its ever really all that important an issue – if worst comes to worst, just take a wee bottle of a clean friend’s pee with you and give them that. Its not like they come with you into the cubicle. I’ve done that before with no problems, even though the pee on one occasion was female.

Also, to show you how seriously the hospital takes this kind of testing, I have two friends who got their ARC medicals a few days after returning from a smack binge in Thailand. When they went to get their health certs, the nurse said, and I kid you not: “Ooh, you can’t give these to the Ministry of Education. Look, you’re positive for opiates. You’d better come back and get tested again in a few days.”

They did have to pay twice, though.

Hospital checkup I went to included stool sample but box fo marijuana was empty dunno whether they forgot to check negative or whatever they did not test for it at all. I have also heard Acid only stays in system (detectable) fo 1 day (from drug counsellor).

from experience, they test you for marijuana if they want to :?

in Taiwan, it’s a case of “I don’t feel like the hassle today, I’ll just do this instead”.

A colleague of mine (female) described to me her latest medical test, it was horrifying. She described how the female nurse would not leave the room and actually stayed there and watched her (my colleague) pee into a little cup and poop then stick the spoon in it and then… well, you know how it goes.

They will test you for what they want to test you for. So be prepared, because if you have done any drugs, they will most likely get you.

Best thing to do is to not do drugs. Don’t do illegal drugs that is… smoking cigs 'till you see stars and drinking like a fish <— all legal, so live it up :sunglasses:

They also test you for tropical diseases, and go ape shit if you have one. Someday I’ll relate the sad tale of my amoebas.

Mr. Chou Do Fu is full to the brim with the stuff, having smoked steadily for the last 20 years, and had only a two day window on his last medical.
No check, no bother. But these things are arbitrary, it only takes one uppity nurse to call you on it. I suggest a 2 to 3 week drying out period.


What a lot of misinformation. There’s no test for marijuana. They don’t arbitrarily test for it. (For normal ARC for teachers anyway). There’s a very standard form for the tests. It’s the same at all hospitals. It tells the hospitals what to test for. They don’t go off and do other tests on a whim.


Sir Donald,

Sorry to confuse you. I did not mean that the testing was arbitrary. Marijuana is clearly on the list of amphetimines and opiates thhat are tested for. I merely meant that any smoker can be nailed on it after testing, but it seems that not many if any are. In this sense I invoke the arbitrary application notion.

Not misinformation merely sharing experience. Smoke one and chill a bit now will ya?



where is this “list of amphetimines and opiates thhat are tested for”? Can I see it? Where did you?