Marketing folk

Easy, pay Xiao S or another boring local star to plug your products… then voila, instant success.

Ok… all is a go for tonight.

Hope to see everyone that PM’d me around 7:30pm.

Nice meeting everyone the other night. Next time I will have to leave the car at home.

Friday night has been floated as a preferred future meeting time and I think that will accomodate more people.

Lets say, next meeting for mid May?

Yes! Friday is the day to attract me since I have night class Mon-Thu (MBA is a bitch sometimes). Mid May works fine for me.

where are you doing the MBA and whats it like?

I’m doing it (or rather part of it since I’m here on exchange) at Zhengda (NCCU). Most courses are very good but not extremely challenging. I guess that’s partly due to the fact that it’s a two year evening course program. The people in the program come from all of the world which is very cool. The facilities are top class, right down to the western toilet with tissue :notworthy: I also take one course from the IMTS (Taiwanese studies) which is really great, don’t know about the level of other IMTS courses though.

Ok everyone… I have been slack in not organising another Marketing meeting… sorry, been snowed at work.

I was thinking a good time for the next meeting would be Friday 7 July, around 730pm? Given the heat I am not keen on an outside setting, so anyone have some suggestions for a venue?

when will the next meeting be? The other dates have conflicted for me but hopefully I will be ok for the next one…

dvasas… not sure… a few people expressed interest nut were out of town so we postponed the next one.

if people are interested please forward acceptable times and places to me via pm and i will sort it from there…