Mark's English: Why not?!

I got an e-mail from Mark’s English,Dajia. Anyone know anything?
I know I’ve read about Mark’s English somewhere before, but there are also un-related chains in China and Japan… So I may be confusing things.
A search here and dave’s doesn’t seem to reveal too much.

Can anyone offer any opinions?

I know some people that worked at a Mark’s English school in Bei Tun area of Taichung. I think that’s a completely different place, though, since I am 99% sure he only has one school.

If you ask and it’s the same owner, let me know.


I worked for Mark my first 2 years in Taiwan. Overall, it was a positive experience. He didn’t pull anything shady and seemed to be a decent and honest guy for the most part. He has a kindy and a buxiban, possibly a second kindy and buxiban by now. You’d get your ARC through the buxiban and probably be working at both schools. The kindy job probably only requires around 12 classroom hours per week. You’d get extra for the buxiban hours(probably 2/night) Not a bad gig. Dajia is a small town, but quite interesting. Not a single pub though. Great crew of foreigners in town for sure. This school is not affiliated with any other schools outside of Dajia.

Cool, thanks for the info… That’s what I was hoping to hear.
I’ve definitely heard of a shady “Mark’s English” before, but I didn’t think that I had read about it being in Taiwan.