Maroon 5 Kaohsiung 2019

Kaohsiung incentives too hard to resist.
Someone’s making money off this from government funding.

Will you go? I am thinking to go if I am back in town that Friday?

I’m surprised that they would go to Kaohsiung.

I’m also surprised that Adam Levine is still with Behati.

Maroon 5 playing Super Bowl halftime this Sunday, fyi

Seems biggest place to have a concert in Taiwan, I guess that is why (55,000 Seats ) it’s here in KHH. I did a search in Taipei (maybe I missed a bigger concert hall if others know it tell me) , I did not see such big place (seat wise) to hold a concert or sports events in Taipei. Concert is mostly sold out it seems (only a few poor view seats at high process left)

Gentrified people complain of noise in Taipei, so producers don’t want to use Taipei and the government doesn’t want the hassle.

I went tonight, and had a good time. Me, my housemate and her mom and her friend all liked it. Only bad thing (good for taxi’s) no Taxi’s within the area (walked to Bullet train station, for a change not a single taxi there), ended up taking a bus. I will drive next time(if there is one), as I hope more bands/singers will come as this one was sold out and went well.

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Guns n Roses did Taoyuan Lamigo Monkey stadium. I think that was a pretty big sell out.

Why was it a surprise? Seems going well as far as I know