Marriage, a step by step guide

Finally, all the answers put together rather than scattered everywhere.

Registration of Marriage

Are you British?
Did you marry in Taiwan?
Have you been issued a JFRV based on the above?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then how did you manage manage to register your marriage in Britain?

Thank you

Alley Cat, these are the official requirement according to each individual department. Word by word. And they are only for the purpose of your Taiwan stay. The JFRV is the part that starts of with 'Application for a Resident Visa

Amos, thanks for the link mate.

Actually, I know you’re an Aussie. I posed the question to everyone, hoping to get an answer other than the one we’ve received from the BTCO, saying we need to remarry in the UK.

There is no facility in the UK to “register” a foreign marriage. UK courts generally accept foreign certificates so this is unnecessary. Where no certificate exists, affidavits or statutory declarations are given by participants or witnesses (not applicable in Taiwan.) Is this discussed on the site ?

The only document I can think of that it would be possible to get would be a declaration by a court and that would be impractically expensive. Generally speaking, obtaining entry clearance for a spouse to come to the UK and entering successfully on the strength thereof is proof enough to any UK government body that the marriage took place, as the requirements for entry clearance are in effect a statement of what constitutes a valid marriage under UK law. Furthermore, there is (used to be at least) an Entry Clearance Officer at the BTCO and it is odd that they feel they are unable to give an opinion on the matter, as it is the IND who make the regulations and who provide ECOs to the various missions where they are stationed. Typically helpful BTCO.

can anyone tell me what south africans needs to get married here in taiwan.