Marriage and Work Permits

If you’re married to a native in Taiwan, do you need a work permit to work? Do the same laws apply to you once your residency is linked to family and not work?

For example, what happens if your job puts some other school on the ARC and you get busted. Would you be deported, or forced to just find work elsewhere? Or do you have freedom to work just about anywhere?

i’m a filipino, married to taiwanese. where can i get work permit, because i’m looking for a job right now. that’s right i’m jobless. or is there agency who can help me find a job. how much it cost. i’ve been staying here using my ARC for less than a year. because i took a vacation few months ago so, my time in getting a Taiwan ID go back to zero again. i found out that you have to stay in taiwan in straight 3 years before oyu can get a taian ID or Change nationality.

Please run a search, as this has been discussed before. Try restricting your search to the Marriage forum, and select Display results as: Topics.
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If your visa is based on the marriage, then you don’t need a work permit to work, although you do still have to meet the criteria for certain jobs (teaching requires uni degree, medical and legal professions have certain criteria, etc.), and kindy is still technically illegal (but run a search on that to see the relevant discussion).

Just being married is not enough. You need to change your visa to be a JFRV, and then get the ARC based on that.

The latter is my understanding.

Please see the threads on marriage and getting a JFRV and the visa based on that.